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Power your office with data, not guesses

Actionable analytics for the workplace.

Office utilization in real time

See which spaces need attention and prevent problems before they spread.

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Room by room utilization

With over 100 KPIs helping to uncover workplace usage, Robin helps you power the work day with data, not guesses. Get real-time answers to how the people, spaces, and things in your office work together.

  • Track popular rooms, equipment, and configurations
  • See utilization, peak usage hours, and meeting density
  • Report on average meeting length and attendee count
  • Automatically clean up “no-show” meetings
  • Locate underperforming rooms

Busiest times and other trends show exactly how your office meets

Understand when folks are at their busiest and identify peak meeting hours using data collected by Robin. Need to coordinate various teammates for an important huddle? Wednesday at 4pm looks quite light for meetings.

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Track total calendar reservations per day

Optimize your office

Get data that helps improve your spaces, so you can reconfigure rather than reconstruct. When you know how the office is being used, it’s easier to adjust and make a bigger impact.

  • How many conference rooms do you need?
  • What's the ideal conference room setup for the sales department?
  • Which amenities drive usage?

We learned that our most used conference room had a cork wall. We took another room with similar amenities that wasn’t being used as often and added a cork wall. Turns out people love cork walls, and all of a sudden that room was booked more frequently.

Barbarian Group
Read the case study here

Advanced office diagnostics

Know what's happening, when it's happening.

Track down meetings
that cause problems

Quickly filter meetings so you can see which ones need attention and correct the problem. Robin highlights additional meeting traits that help wrangle calendar congestion.

  • Canceled and abandoned meetings
  • Low RSVP rates and unconfirmed meetings
  • Unusually long events
  • Large invite lists
Unconfirmed meetings in the schedule will be automatically unbooked.
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Influence day-to-day office trends

Set permissions for how a room can be booked and what information gets displayed. Require administrator approvals for meetings and have better control over your office.

Diagnose problems in the office before they get out of control

Employees can report issues from the room display, letting the right people know when problems arise. Use that data to correlate broken things with low room usage to improve existing conference rooms before deciding to add more.

Room display app with error erporting screen

Surface office data with Robin

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Add beacons for automatic checkins

Place Bluetooth beacons in your conference rooms to enable automatic check-ins and real-time occupancy detection.

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Export your office data for third party reporting

Export custom CSV files based on a broader set of data that goes beyond the analytics dashboard.

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