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Data analytics

Detailed usage analytics for every room and desk

With over 100+ KPIs helping to uncover workplace usage, Robin helps you power the work day with data, not guesses. Get real-time answers to how the people, spaces, and things in your office work together.

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Understand how the office meets with busiest times and other trends

See when folks are at their busiest and identify peak meeting hours in an easy to read collection of data. Onboarding new hires? Recommend Tuesdays at 10am for the most popular meeting time.

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Solve small issues, prevent big problems

Employees have a direct line to report issues with a single tap from the conference room schedule display. Manage your entire fleet of devices from one central location, so you know the moment something needs your team’s attention. No office marathons required.

Guide employees to the right spaces all day, everyday

Like a personal workflow consultant for everyone, employees discover which space is the best match for different activities throughout the day.

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How should we use this space?

Gather the average length and scenario of a meeting

Upgrade your office without a hard hat

Fix up existing rooms using targeted insights so you can reconfigure rather than reconstruct. Wondering what’s wrong with that one “perfectly fine” room down the hall? You might be one whiteboard away from success. Compare the data to find out.

Machine learning powered insight for space availability

Most available

This room wins for most active last week. Suggest it to colleagues.

Machine learning powered insight for amenity status


This room has low capacity usage. Make sure big teams know about it.

Machine learning powered insight for no shows

Activity Spike

189% increase in meetings here. Find out what changed.

Machine learning powered insight showing the best fit for meetings

Freed up

People aren't showing up. Automatically remove abandoned meetings.

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