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A clever calendar that works with what's in your office

One place to manage your schedule, designed to help you both in and out of the workplace.

Available for both Android and iOS

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Upgrade your calendar experience

Book a meeting room from your phone and use calendars for stuff in your office without being tied to your desk. Finally, you can connect to the resources in your office from one place.

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Keep your personal calendar personal

Separate both work and personal events. The Robin app lets work stay at work, so you can have the freedom to customize and personalize each event.

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Book the best room, from anywhere

Filter by room size, location and amenities and much more. Robin only returns the rooms that match what you're looking for, so you can get the right answer the first time. It’s part calendar, part office search engine.

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Gentle reminders to keep the work day rolling along smoothly

Get booking reminders right from your phone. Extend and end meetings from anywhere. Receive contextual reminders based on the room you’re in and meetings you have coming up (or coming to an end). Automatically get an alert if you’ve forgotten to book your room or need to find a new one.

Location-based superpowers

Place Bluetooth beacons in your conference rooms to enable automatic check-ins and real-time occupancy detection. With beacons added to your office, you get a higher resolution look at utilization, including a better look at non-calendared space usage (e.g. work areas, call rooms).

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Detecting nearby people with bluetooth Beacons

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