Conference room display


Getting rooms set up with Robin is easy. Here's a shopping list.

Robin scheduling tools and conference room display set up on tablets and mobile

"Do I need these to get started?"
Nope! Hardware is only needed for meeting room displays and presence-sensing features. You don't need any of this to get started with web and mobile scheduling.

Recommended equipment

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Add visitor management with Envoy

If you're looking for another way to outfit your smart office, we strongly recommend Envoy for visitor registration.

Upgrade your front desk too

Add visitor logging with Envoy

Setting up the conference room display tablet

Conference room tablet mount for Android and iPad

Tablet (built-in battery)

Requires daily charging

Room display mount with external battery

Tablet + extra battery

Charge every 2-3 days

Recommended batteries
Wall mount tablet with electrical outlet

Tablet + wired power

Always charged

Let us help
Free standing android and iOS tablet mounts

Other options

Always charged

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