Flexible Offices for a Flexible Future: 2022 Office Space Report

Hybrid work is here to stay but what are the implications for the future of how and where we work? Office footprint is an area of particular interest as companies adjust to a more fluid schedule. Can businesses turn under-used spaces into cost-savings?


We polled 247 business owners, facilities managers and those in charge of office space utilization to get a better idea of what flexible companies plan to do with their spaces. We uncovered data that paints a story of future offices:

  • 83% of businesses currently operating with a hybrid work model are doing so as a cost-saving measure.
  • 46% of companies are currently utilizing only half of their available office space or less. 
  • 59% of workplace leaders plan to reduce their current space by half or more in 2023.

Download the report for more data and plenty of insights of where the future of work will take us next.