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Rethinking opportunities for the new normal: the value of a COVID-19 lens

Jul 9th 2020 via TechPoint

COVID-19 affected customers and businesses in significant ways. That shift offers opportunities to address new needs...

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Jun 26th 2020 via TechRepublic
Universities are using clever tech solutions to prep for the fall

Tech companies partner with administrators to offer solutions from apps...

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Jun 14th 2020 via Azure Magazine
Healing Spaces: How the Office May Look Post-Pandemic

From new layouts to re-engineered furniture and staggered hours...

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Jun 10th 2020 via WORKTECH Academy
Plan for teams, not departments

In organising the great post-virus office return, we should be planning for teams, not floors or departments.

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May 18th 2020 via The Wall Street Journal
With Remote Work Here to Stay, IT Executives Reassess Tech Priorities
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Apr 1st 2020 via Work Design Magazine
The Best Workplace Amenities Are The Ones Your Employees Don’t Even Notice
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Nov 14th 2019 via Work Design Magazine
Conversations At CoreNet: Global Summit 2019

Robin's, Gabrielle Dalvet caught up with the Work Design Magazine team at CoreNet Global Summit 2019

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Aug 19th 2019 via Thrive Global
How to Support Introverts in the Workplace from an Introverted CEO's Perspective

Our CEO, Sam Dunn, explains how to make the workplace a comfortable space for introverts.

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Jul 29th 2019 via VentureFizz
The VentureFizz Podcast: Sam Dunn - Co-Founder and CEO at Robin

VentureFizz Founder, Keith Cline interviewed Sam Dunn, Co-Founder and CEO at Robin, in his 118th episode.

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Jun 30th 2019 via Forbes
Open-Plan Work Spaces Lower Productivity And Employee Morale

Zach and Sam Dunn, twin brothers who founded Robin, share why the open architectural concept hasn’t been working.

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Jun 13th 2019 via ROOM: Out of Office Blog
The Office Experiment: Who Took My Desk?

Companies are embracing the idea of offices with no assigned seats. New apps like Robin enable this functionality.

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May 31st 2019 via Cheddar
Office Space Management Software Gets $20 Million in Funding

Joining us is Robin Founder Sam Dunn on how his company is revolutionizing the office environment with recent funding.

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May 24th 2019 via Built in Boston
Listen up: These Boston companies incorporate employee perspectives from every level

See how three Boston companies have mastered the art of empowering different employee voices to achieve maximum results.

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May 21st 2019 via Robin Powered
Robin Raises $20M to Enable the Modern Workplace

We’re proud to announce we recently raised $20 million in a Series B round led by Tola Capital.

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May 20th 2019 via VentureFizz
Robin Raises $20M Series B to Power Activity-Based Working Environments

VentureFizz connected with CEO Sam Dunn at Robin to learn more about the round of funding.

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May 20th 2019 via Built In Boston
Office tech startup Robin raises $20M to help you always find a meeting room

Today, the company officially announced the closure of that funding round to the tune of $20 million.

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Mar 27th 2019 via Boston Herald
How to bring wellness into your workday

Tips to reset how you approach the workday to be more productive, including a flexible workplace.

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Feb 25th 2019 via Thrive Global
Your Happiness at Work Could Depend On Your Office Layout
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Feb 20th 2019 via Future Offices
In Defense of the Open Office Layout
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Jan 23rd 2019 via Cheddar
How This Company Is Making Workspaces Smarter
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Oct 10th 2018 via TechCrunch
Alexa can now reserve conference rooms

Amazon is debuting a new feature that will allow businesses to use Alexa for booking conference rooms with Robin.

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Oct 9th 2018 via VentureBeat
Alexa for Business launches conference room reservations

Amazon announced the launch of hands-free room booking capabilities with Alexa for Business paired with Robin.

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Oct 9th 2018 via Amazon
Announcing Room Booking for Alexa for Business

Alexa launched at re:Invent with the mission to help workers be more productive using Alexa with the help of Robin.

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Oct 5th 2018 via Design Museum Foundation
Workplace Trends: The 8 Mistakes You’re Making in Your Office Design

The Design Museum covers the most common office design mistakes and what to consider when designing productive spaces.

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Jun 6th 2018 via Design Museum Foundation
Crestron's InfoComm 2018 debuts and enhancements

Crestron is showcasing product developments at InfoComm 2018, like room scheduling displays paired with Robin software.

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Jun 15th 2016 via VentureBeat
Design giant Herman Miller invested in meeting room manager Robin

Furniture and workplace experts Herman Miller invest in Robin, the workplace software companies need and employees want.

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Apr 4th 2016 via Forbes
Ushering In A New Age of Innovation: An Interview With Konica Minolta's Ekta Sahasi

Business Innovation Center talks about the powerful work startup Robin is creating to enhance workplace technology.

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Feb 29th 2016 via Marketwired
Placester Opens New Headquarters in Financial District of Boston

Robin, the workplace experience software, will be used by Placester employees to streamline meeting room booking.

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