Conference Room Scheduling Software

Robin Spaces helps you plan and deliver a great office experience for everyone.

Easily book spaces and conference rooms

Reduce the time spent on manual room booking
Improve employee experience with intuitive space management
Understand and optimize how your space is used

Reduce time spent on manual room booking

Real-time updates

As meetings are booked, your map reflects updates in real-time. No guess and check needed.

Fast and easy booking

Visual cues, interactive kiosks, and room dislays allow you to book a space on the spot.

Free up unused space

Automatically remove events that don't happen from the calendar to prevent abandoned meetings.

Improve your employee experience with intuitive space scheduling

Search and collaborate quickly

Wayfinding functionality helps people find the best space for the task at hand.

Comprehensive workplace dashboard

Control who has access to what and when with custom roles and permissions.

Centralized and easy access

Understand where you need to go and when with a mobile app and integrations with your favorite tech stack.

Understand and optimize how your space is used

Identify insights and trends

Determine what activities are under or over-supported in your office over a period of time.

Abandoned meeting protection

Save on unused space and automatically remove meetings that don’t happen.

Plan for your future office

Get more from the space you have or use intelligent data for future expansions and moves.

Key features to help you manage your workstations

Room schedule management

Keep the calendar clean and manage your schedule in one place. Prevent double bookings and scheduling headaches.

On-demand booking

Surface available spaces using interactive kiosks and rooms displays so people can book on the fly.

Unlimited users and maps

Invite everyone on your team to Robin and provide access to as many floor plans as your company requires.

Space booking policies

Set policies on things like meeting duration and how far in advance spaces can be booked.

Space amenities

Label spaces with equipment, capacity, and furniture so people can filter spaces by what they need.

Abandoned meeting protection

With room displays, enable check-ins to ensure only meetings that actually happen stay on the calendar.

Workplace analytics

Get access to space utilization, meeting density, recaptured time, and more in one dashboard.

Notifications & workflows

Share floor plan drafts and seating changes with stakeholders before going live via email notifications.

Connect to your favorite tools

Whether it’s your team’s email, communication platform, or video conferencing software, Robin integrates with it all.

Best conference room scheduling software there is

Robin has the general best look and feel of all the apps we tried. Zoom, Teem, everything felt just emotionless, but Robin is really fun to use. To optimize meeting room utilization, we enabled "abandoned meeting protection" — our users have to check-in, otherwise the room will be freed again. That's one of the best features in my opinion.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a room scheduler?

A room scheduler is software that simplifies the process of booking spaces in a workplace. These scheduling tools help simplify and streamline conference room scheduling, eliminating friction and enabling collaboration.

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What is a meeting room booking system?

A meeting room booking system is a group of tools that makes reserving spaces in-office simple and effective. These solutions allow employees to book rooms, see which spaces are available and minimize abandoned meetings through a desktop or mobile.

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What should I look for in a room booking system?

An effective room booking system should be simple to use, easy to customize and built to collect impactful workplace data. The best solutions are created with workplace experience in mind.

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