Smarter room booking for everyone in your office

Find and book the right room, with the right things, at the right time with our room scheduling software.

We have teamed up to make room displays more accessible with an exclusive offer for Google Workplace customers.*
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Your office scheduling engine

Find and book the ideal room based on amenities, location, and more with a meeting room booking system. It’s a search engine for your office, complete with insights to uncover conference room usage and optimize space. Available on web, mobile, plugins, and tablets.

Oversee the office and identify trends

Take the guesswork out of juggling schedules and moving meetings in busy offices. Filter upcoming events that better fit smaller spaces or are likely to cancel.

Set rules for room booking

Robin plays by your office rules. Set permissions for how and when a room can be booked and what information is visible in an easy-to-use conference room booking system.

Customize and control:
  • Set maximum meeting lengths, restrict recurring events, and limit access to certain spaces.
  • No two spaces are alike ─ change it up for every space, level, or location.
  • Enforce room check-ins with our conference room schedule display

Seat assignments & hot-desking

Pull up your office map on an interactive kiosk people can use to navigate the office. In busy areas, display a static schedule view for the day.

See how status boards can improve wayfinding

Hybrid work starts with Robin

Learn more about our essential toolkit for running the office — from managing rooms, flexible desks, and guest experiences.

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