Meeting room booking

Booking meetings doesn’t have to be frustrating

Robin simplifies scheduling. When people can find meeting rooms themselves, you’re freed up to do your job.

Meeting room booking made easy

Robin syncs with your calendars so you can schedule as you normally do.

You can also book from within Robin. Anyone can schedule a meeting room from any device. People can view and book meetings on the fly from mobile, schedule from a room display mounted outside a room or book from the website.

Robin meeting room booking apps

No more last minute scrambles

Take the stress out of impromptu meetings.

Use office search to find available space in the moment you need it. Last minute meetings are easy to schedule with the calendar view. Hover over a time slot to see information about the meeting. Click the time in the schedule and book it.

Search your office for available meeting room times

No more wandering to find a free room

Ad hoc meetings are easy to schedule.

If a client just walked in and you need a room, you can find just the right spot. See what rooms are available and for how long in the dashboard. When distance matters, people can choose a free conference room close by.

See which conference rooms are busy in your office

Stop room theft

Your reservations stay front and center.

It's easy to see when a room will be in use from right outside the conference room door. Room displays show when a room will be available and at what time it's booked. When people need to grab a space for a quick meeting, there's no guesswork about what room is free or for how long.

Tablets show who has the room and for how long

No more booked rooms sitting empty

No more booked rooms sitting empty

Take the frustration out of meeting room booking. With check ins at the door, people can see if a conference room is occupied. The room automatically removes scheduled meetings if no one shows up.

Room availability status

Find space, find time, find people

Robin gives you meeting room booking superpowers. You can see what spaces are free, booked or in use. When rooms are in use, occupancy updates let you know who’s inside.

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