Real-time office availability, visible to everyone

Meet, Status Boards. What's happening in the office now, showcased on the large displays you already have.

Increase visibility across the office

Run Status Board in high-traffic areas so everyone knows where the nearest free room is.

A powerful summary of office happenings

Upgrade your office’s wow factor when visitors see Status Board first thing when they walk in.

Answer scheduling questions before they get asked

What’s available? What’s in use? Make it easy for employees to find available meeting rooms.

Super simple setup

Putting your office schedule or map on display is as easy as entering a URL.

A highly visible, easy-to-read snapshot of the office

Busy employees with their hands full can identify the right room in seconds with a quick glance at the digital display. Perfect for high-traffic and centralized areas.

Fits in seamlessly, stands out flawlessly

Connects directly with the Robin scheduling platform. Works on any TV or digital display with internet, in either vertical or horizontal format.

A 3d render showing a room display, kiosk, and desks with Robin's maps.

Real-time office floor plans

With a map that looks just like your office, it's really easy for people to find a seat, a place to meet, or a teammate.

Add office maps

Hybrid work starts with Robin

Learn more about our essential toolkit for running the office — from managing rooms, flexible desks, and guest experiences.

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