10 Offices That Feel like You’re Working in a Biodome

We explore the best biophilic design in offices today.

As you stroll into the office of your new job, you suddenly panic and think, “Did I just get transported to the jungle from Jumanji?” But no, you’re just starting at a company who favors your health and wellbeing, as they have brought in lots and lots of office plants.

Biophilic design, which “seeks to connect our inherent need to affiliate with nature in the modern built environment,” is all the rage right now. And if you don’t have the budget to hire a full-time horticulturalist like Amazon, we collected some inspirational biophilic design in workplaces around the world in our four-part series on office plants.

Airbnb, San Francisco

We wouldn’t mind renting this space out, complete with a living wall to help keep things clean and green.

Airbnb Offices via Gensler and Freshome
Airbnb HQ. via Gensler by way of Freshome

Etsy, Brooklyn

Now the question is, are these living walls handcrafted by local artisans?

Etsy HQ Biophilic Office Design
Etsy HQ. via Etsy

Sberbank, Moscow

This financial services company takes greenery to a new level, incorporating it via plant life and standard decor.

Sberbank Moscow Biophilic Office Design
Sberbank HQ. via Evgeny Luchin and Leonid Somov for Office Snapshots

Keppel Land, Ho Chi Minh City

Development company Keppel Land has a new office inspired by the tropical landscape of Vietnam and Singapore.

Keppel Land Biophilic Office Design
Keppel Land. via Thuc Le for Office Snapshots

Management Consulting Firm, Rio de Janeiro

The office of this management consulting firm in Rio brings the green heat inside and outside the office, with jungle-like design and a view of the famous Sugarloaf Mountain.

Management consulting firm biophilic office design
Management consulting firm. via Renato Navarro on Office Snapshots

JOANY, Los Angeles

Health is the main vibe this health insurance concierge wants its inhabitants to experience throughout, including a spherical meeting room called the Growroom where employees can grow food along its walls.  

Joany Biophilic Office Design
Joany. via Wundr Studio on Office Snapshots

LinkedIn, San Francisco

Connection is important at LinkedIn, and what better way for humans to connect than next to living walls?

LinkedIn Biophilic Office Design
LinkedIn. via Eric Laignel on Office Snapshots

Euronet, Warsaw

We feel like we could dive right into the lush living wall at this credit card service company.

Euronet Biophilic Office Design
Euronet. via Katarzyna Seliga-Wróblewska, Marcin Wróblewski on Office Snapshots


Cheers to this vermouth brand’s new digs in Milan, that celebrates the holy cocktail hour with a bar surrounded by a living wall.

MARTINI biophilic office design
MARTINI. via Il prisma Milano srl on Office Snapshots

Oriana Facade, Surat

No surprise that a design firm has a spectacular office with a rooftop retreat we’re really eager to visit.

Oriana Facade Biophilic Office Design
Oriana Facade. via Photographix | Sebastian + Ira on Office Snapshots

How does your office greenery stack up? Share with us @robinpowered. And don’t forget to peruse our other posts in this series on office plants here, here, and here.

Plants and Robin are good for your health

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