A 2-Minute guide to standing desks

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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standing desk with woman working

So you’re ready to stand & and work at the same time? Welcome to the future.

The Basics

While “sitting kills” (maybe) you will do plenty of damage if you don’t use a standing desk correctly. That’s right, you don’t even know how to stand. Doing it right is easy, observe.


  1. Arms rest at about a 90° angle for typing
  3. Top of your monitor is eye height
  5. That’s it

You should look like this fella 👇

The Hardware

Naturally, there is a wide range of options to get a standing desk. Some as cheap as “a stack of books” all the way up to top notch hardware (motorized tables and such).The basicsRetrofitting your current desk is pretty easy. I used an old Pelican Suitcase on an Ikea desk. My favorite for getting started would beThe Spark by Ergodriven.

A step upThe Wirecutter has given its seal of approval to the Jarvis Bamboo ($470) 🙏

Going pro (in the office)Renew Link from Herman Miller. The Robin office runs on these desks.

Now go, stand like a professional.This post originally appeared on Medium.