How to Add New Office Locations in 2017

2017 will be a big year for the workplace, and in particular, how companies expand their brands around the world. Adding a new office location is more than just a recruiting effort or a support location — it’s just as strategic as any other company business decision.

Align a location with company goals

Dublin, Ireland

For Fitbit, moving their EMEA headquarters to Dublin was a no-brainer. Dublin is becoming a hub for technology in Europe, and with a focus on fitness and general wellness, it make perfect sense for them to be there. Dublin also launched Ireland’s first ever National Physical Activity Plan, which was a government initiative to get a half a million more people exercising more frequently. Couple that with adding 50 more jobs to that location, and Fitbit’s EMEA presence was solidified.

Know where your market is

In the Agency world, most would say that New York and LA are the main hubs. For Vaynermedia, it was Chattanooga, Tennessee. Vaynermedia grew from 10 to over 500 employees in just over seven years. Expanding their offices was just as strategic of a decision as some of the work they do. When interviewed by Digiday, Gary Vaynerchuk echoed that sentiment, and said that sometimes the most impactful work in the agency space happens in places like Chattanooga, which is why they added an office location there.

Vaynermedia Chattanooga Office. Photo Credit: Digiday
Vaynermedia Chattanooga Office. Photo Credit: Digiday

“We have the coolest and the hipster-est and beard-iest characters in the game, but you forget about Sally Arkansas going to Dollar General and buying a 30-pack. It’s important for me to have an office in the places where the work we do are real factor.”

Gary Vaynerchuk, Vaynermedia


Consistency in culture is everything

What’s the point in adding a new office if it is inconsistent in how you want employees to work? New Atlas took a look at Slack’s Melbourne, Australia office, and in chatting with site development manager Linda Shaw, company culture is what makes this office work so well.

“Stewart wants us to come in, do eight hours work for him and then go home and have a life,” she told New Atlas. “There is no point in coming in and playing ping pong for three hours and then having to stay up until midnight finishing your report.”Linda Shaw, Slack

Slack’s Office in Melbourne, Australia. Photo Credit: New Atlas

Slack has offices all over the world, and even though they all differ in terms of layout and architecture, the company makes sure it instills the same philosophy and personality in each office. There aren’t any slides or extravagant lounging contraptions — each office echoes Slack’s mantra: “Helping teams of all sizes be happier and more productive”

A guide to moving your office

Blue Apron Office. Photo Credit: Glassdoor

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