Quiz: Best office amenities for your workplace in 2020

Katie Cavanaugh
Katie Cavanaugh
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In every workplace, employees need to collaborate, focus, recharge, and move flexibly. Do you have the office building amenities needed to support each of those actions in 2020?

Take this quiz (nine quick questions!) to determine which kind of amenities your office needs more of to match how employees work throughout the day.

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Find the best office amenities to match how your employees work

It may seem like the marketing team works completely differently than the engineering team. Or that salespeople would never understand what HR deals with on a daily basis. While no two employees have the exact same workday, on almost every team in every department across companies, employees tend to navigate the workplace by completing tasks that fall into four main categories: Collaborate, Focus, Recharge, and Move.

Employees need to collaborate with others, focus on their own individual work, recharge their batteries, and move around the office to be productive and complete different tasks throughout the day. Every employee needs to do these four activities on a given day no matter what team they’re on.

Commonly found amenities used for each activity include:

  1. Collaborate: Innovation hubs, maker spaces, brainstorm areas, huddle zones, stairs 
  2. Focus: Pods, phone booths, quiet cars, libraries, private nooks 
  3. Recharge: Meditation rooms, tech-free zones, outdoor commons, cafes/cafeterias, nap rooms, fitness centers 
  4. Move: Lockers/storage areas, flexible desks, collision areas, touchdown spots

Based on how your employees behave in your office, what type of office amenities do you need more of?

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