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Communicate new workplace requirements with this template

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The Robin Team
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We think you’ll agree with us when we say: 

It can be really hard to navigate the changing vaccine and testing mandates.

Especially when it comes to communication. 

President Biden’s latest announcement means there will be a new round of changes in workplace strategy. Now, it’s time to let your teams in on your plans.

Did you know that organizations with clearer communication around COVID-19 are seeing benefits to employee well-being and productivity? 

Employees want to feel informed and supported when making the decision to return to their office. In fact, in organizations with poor communication, nearly half of employees report feeling stressed and anxious.

We want to make this simpler for you and your team. 

That’s why we created this template

Change management & communication

Before you get going with our template mad-lib-style, let’s consider how to handle the change.

According to Gartner, half of change initiatives fail, and only 34% are a clear success. 

It is leadership’s responsibility to ensure employees understand, support and can execute on changes in processes. The challenge for today’s leaders will be about ensuring the proper buy-in during shorter time periods. 

You’ll see our template is straight to the point. We give all the necessary information with no commentary and leave the door open for follow-up questions. Be clear and direct about what you expect from your teams and everyone will be happier as a result.

Of course, there are specific protocols that need to take place for businesses to stay compliant. Which leads us to our next point: preparing your space for new requirements. 

What do you need to do before you can give your teams the office green light?

  • Create clear protocols for determining vaccination status: Employers should be ready to implement an organized, confidential process to determine vaccination status.
  • Decide if you will mandate the vaccine or allow weekly testing: Some employers may choose to not allow weekly testing, as the logistics of keeping, tracking and administering test results can be complicated and costly.
  • Build a plan for handling accommodation requests: If you plan to have a mandated vaccination policy, you must also prepare a detailed and clear accommodation policy for any employee exempted from the vaccine for religious or disability reasons. Companies who implement weekly testing will also need an accommodation policy.
  • Plan for tracking test results: Employers who do decide to allow weekly testing will need to find out if they will have to cover the cost to test. Non-exempt workers also must get paid for time spent getting tested, according to FLSA.
Here's how our fearless workplace leader, Alix, communicated changes to our team.

Stay ready for change with Robin

If you stay ready, you don’t have to get ready. 

With Robin in your corner you’ll have the tools you need to adjust your workplace strategy quickly and effectively. 

Today’s requirements may include proof of vaccination, health checkpoints, and/or physical distancing or capacity management. Who knows what tomorrow will bring?

Here’s how Robin can help

  • Manage who’s able to book desks, per location. 
  • Send an employee health screening to anyone planning to use the office. 
  • Restrict capacity and enforce distancing by managing how many desks – and/or which desks – are available per day. 
  • Reporting on who’s using the office and when, for contact tracing and compliance. 

Pro-tip: Bundle and communicate all of these guidelines to your team through Office Pass, Robin’s employee experience, so everyone knows how and when the office is available to them.

Eliminate some of the stress around the return-to-office, future-proof your office with Robin today.

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