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A Better Workplace Experience, from Robin and Alexa for Business

two employees in office collaborating
Gabrielle Dalvet
Published on

Companies waste loads of money each year on unproductive meetings. $37B worth, to be exact. And that doesn’t even include time spent organizing the events. People spend up to four hours per week preparing for meetings and 15 percent of their time in them. To make it worse, executives consider more than 67 percent of meetings to be failures, according to Inc.

Those numbers only increase in open office environments where design is based on the latest trends rather than specific employee activities. No two meetings are exactly alike, yet many offices lack the variety of spaces and resources required to support the diverse work performed in the office. That’s why you find one-to-ones taking place in large boardrooms and noisy team “sprints” in open common areas. The right space isn’t often available for that particular type of gathering.

But workplace productivity is changing and innovative solutions like augmented reality, modified office design, and greater access to space usage data, are accelerating that change.

Alexa for Business, created to enable organizations and the people in them to get the most out of their workday, allows employees to get more done in less time with the help of the voice-activated, intelligent assistant Alexa. Employees, whether at a workstation, in a meeting room, or at home, can schedule meetings and access business critical information on the fly.

Robin, with the mission to make the people and spaces at any organization play well together, makes finding the right space at the right time for the task at hand a seamless process.  

Put the two together and you create a more productive workplace occupied by more satisfied workers. Robin and Alexa for Business provide enhanced employee interaction within the office, creating a more engaged and informed group of people by simplifying the process of conference room booking to five words, “Alexa, is this room free?” -- nine if someone decides to book the space ad hoc (“Alexa, book the room”). It’s clearly a more efficient process than logging into your company calendar scrambling to find a just-in-time space. (Or worse, not checking at all and “stealing” a trusted coworker’s reserved room.)

Ready to give it a try? Start a 14-day free trial of Robin today and see why our workplace experience software powers conference room scheduling, desks, maps and insights for thousands of modern offices.

Once Alexa for Business books the room, Robin automatically syncs the company calendar so the rest of the office has full visibility into the schedule for the day, adding a layer of transparency. Pairing the two acts as a line of defense for meeting room “theft” and abandoned meetings ensuring that every square foot of an office is used productively and available to the people who need it most.  

The Robin-Alexa duo eases the friction between the employee and the workplace by making it a seamless process to find the right space and resources for any given task. Less time is wasted finding a space ad-hoc and more time spent on the work that matters. As a result, employees are quicker to interact and collaborate and more engaged and satisfied with their overall workplace experience.

The solution to unproductive meetings then begs the question: how will you spend those four recovered hours in your workweek?

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