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A Revamped Desk Booking Experience for Mobile

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Danielle Aihini
Published on

The office has traditionally been a fundamental part of business operations. However, over the last few years, there have been dramatic shifts in workplace culture. For many organizations, the days of having one desk per employee are gone.

With the workplace changing so quickly, many employers are looking for creative ways to adapt. Creating a modern workplace means deploying the latest technologies to address deficiencies and address ongoing issues.   

Adapting to the Modern Workplace

Many technologies are available for companies that want to maximize their efficiencies and reduce the burden on employees. Businesses can improve collaboration and create a positive workplace culture by offering tools for collaborating across a digital platform.

The hybrid workplace offers the following benefits to employers and employees alike:

  • A better work-life balance
  • More personal autonomy 
  • Improved productivity

Hybrid environments go a long way in creating a healthy and productive workplace. However, for a hybrid model to work, businesses can’t waste time and money managing a desk for every employee. This is where desk booking comes in handy.

What Is Desk Booking?

When adopting a hybrid model, businesses need to ensure each employee has access to a desk when needed. However, most don’t want to waste time and energy manually tracking each desk’s availability and ensuring overbookings don’t occur. 

The desk booking experience refers to the process of integrating systems for scheduling and booking into the workplace. Desk booking has many advantages that employers should be aware of when switching to a hybrid environment.

Use Predefined Layouts

Employers shouldn’t have to worry about developing their desk management strategies from the ground up. With desk booking services, users can access various predefined layouts and configurable modules that they can work with to match their needs. 

Default templates and interactive modules give employers and their employees a way to visualize the availability of existing space so that they can use it effectively. Attributes such as dimension, location, and availability can all be communicated with little effort. Find and book a desk within seconds, directly from an interactive workplace map.

Optimize Space

Renting office space costs money, and for many businesses, the hybrid work environment provides an opportunity to reduce overhead. Desk booking allows managers and decision-makers to maximize the value of each square foot of office space by allocating workspaces more efficiently. 

Modern desk booking solutions can use scheduling software to automatically ensure they aren’t overbooking specific spaces and provide each individual with the space they need when they need it. 

By letting employees reserve their own desks, managers can promote a self-organizing environment that takes advantage of all available space.

Get Real-Time Insights

You’ll find that desk booking is most efficient when it’s refined over time. Keeping track of employee activities, making adjustments, and providing solutions to conflicting schedules allows you to leverage available data for the best results. 

Desk booking provides valuable data to companies adopting hybrid models. Management teams can analyze important information, such as desk check-ins and cancellations, to ensure office space is never wasted and always available when needed. 

The Power of Desk Booking Software

Keeping the ideal ratio of employees to space requires an accurate view of day-to-day activities and behaviors. Understanding trends and acting accordingly gives companies the edge they need to be competitive in their specific industries. 

Intelligent systems for measuring and allocating space make it easier to make short-term and long-term decisions about your workforce. With the right mindset, you can deliver maximum efficiencies while reducing overhead and improving employees' lives across the organization. Desk booking software is a powerful tool that companies can use to easily manage their hybrid environments. 

Introducing Mobile Options

Moving your computer to a different desk used to take Olympic-level strength. Today, it’s hard to impress folks by bringing your laptop into a meeting. The workplace is meant to be flexible and we expect people to move around the office freely, changing up their workspace as each new task requires it. 

It shouldn’t take much to get your work done and with today’s mobile update, people can find and book the best seat quicker than ever using a familiar map of desks in their office.

Robin interactive map with desking booking software now on mobile
Robin desk booking with the mobile app has never been easier. With a map view and wayfinding capabilities, people can get to where they need to be more effortlessly than ever.

Why Go Mobile?

With desk booking software becoming more popular, the growth of mobile applications for reserving office space was inevitable. Available workspace might be different on any given day. 

For workers on the go, logging into a website to make reservations can be a hassle. This reality is why companies are offering mobile applications capable of connecting people with their desired spaces.

Robin has improved its mobile options. Before, desk booking in Robin’s mobile app meant only looking at a small section of the office, specifically one pod of desks, with green signifying which were open to book. While simple to book a desk, it was tough to see where it was located in relation to the rest of the office landscape.

Greater Flexibility

Today, as you're making coffee at home or leaving a marathon meeting, you can book a desk from mobile, directly on a map. Desk maps give teams an easy way to find where folks sit, or decide where to seat a new hire. In a flexible desk environment, most people need to make this decision before they get to the office — that's why we made sure to start with mobile. 

Whether in advance or at the last minute, mobile desk booking apps make booking space simple for employees from all backgrounds. Robin’s mobile desk booking service offers an employee application that aims to provide a frictionless user experience.

Better Employee Experiences

For most employees, going to the office means being told where to work and when to come in. Within hybrid environments, employees have more autonomy, leading to greater career satisfaction. 

Desk booking software lets employers build a more positive work culture. With the right systems in place, management can empower employees to succeed in their roles.

Robin’s desk booking app experience is a great way to introduce self-serve desk management to your workplace and it’s the latest step towards a great employee experience led by fully interactive maps. It's designed to get people where they need to be, with zero friction, so you can have a more cohesive workplace.

Comprehensive Oversight

Many leaders see a hybrid workforce as harder to manage and more difficult to control. This setup could potentially lead to reduced productivity and a loss of revenue over time. However, mobile desk booking software introduces an added layer of oversight that employers can leverage to ensure their employees stay on top of their schedules.

Robin’s desk booking software makes hybrid work a reality by helping decision-makers coordinate important events and supporting employees with their time management. It’s never been easier to recapture unclaimed space and improve collaboration across teams.

reserve a desk on Robin’s mobile app directly on the map
Once you find a desk with the right amenities, tap it, click “Reserve” and you’re good to go for the day. Need more time for a big project? Extend or swap to a quieter space from the same place in your app.

Supporting a Better Workforce

No one can tell what the future holds when it comes to hybrid work. While many employees are happy to work remotely, others prefer a supportive work environment they can depend on. Mobile desk booking allows employers to offer the best of both worlds while optimizing space and improving performance. 

Hybrid teams need to have some form of support to collaborate effectively. This need makes it essential for decision-makers to give them the tools they require to succeed. Desk booking for mobile allows you to streamline the workplace while offering a platform for ensuring the best employee experiences possible.

Working to Improve the Office Experience

In a flexible, mobile environment, it’s hard to know where you’ll be an hour from now, let alone five minutes. Last minute meetings get booked, a colleague needs help on a project, or an old friend asks to grab a quick coffee, all affecting the trajectory of the day. 

Robin is working to improve employee engagement while maximizing resource usage and promoting collaboration across teams. Desk booking for mobile gives users all the advantages of desk booking software while on the go.

Employees need to be adaptable. That’s why Robin is committed to delivering the best mobile experience for desk booking. With this desk booking update on mobile, we’re encouraging freedom to move around the office with nothing more than a phone. If this is something you see your team benefitting from, we’d love to hear how it works in your office.

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