A revamped desk booking experience for mobile

Danielle Aihini
Danielle Aihini
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Find and book a desk within seconds, directly from an interactive workplace map.

Moving your computer to a different desk used to take Olympic-level strength. Today, it’s hard to impress folks by bringing your laptop into a meeting. The workplace is meant to be flexible and we expect people to move around the office freely, changing up their workspace as each new task requires it. It shouldn’t take much to get your work done and with today’s mobile update, people can find and book the best seat quicker than ever using a familiar map of desks in their office.

Want to make desk booking easier for your team? Find out how today with a free trial.

Robin interactive map with desking booking software now on mobile
Robin desk booking with the mobile app has never been easier. With a map view and wayfinding capabilities, people can get to where they need to be more effortlessly than ever.

Before, desk booking in Robin’s mobile app meant only looking at a small section of the office, specifically one pod of desks, with green signifying which were open to book. While simple to book a desk, it was tough to see where it was located in relation to the rest of the office landscape.

Today, as you're making coffee at home or leaving a marathon meeting, you can book a desk from mobile, directly on a map. Desk maps gives teams an easy way to find where folks sit, or decide where to seat a new hire. In a flexible desk environment, most people need to make this decision before they get to the office — that's why we made sure to start with mobile.

Robin’s new desk booking app experience is a great way to introduce self-serve desk management to your workplace and it’s the latest step towards a great employee experience led by fully interactive maps. It's designed to get people where they need to be, with zero friction, so you can have a more cohesive workplace.

reserve a desk on Robin’s mobile app directly on the map
Once you find a desk with the right amenities, tap it, click “Reserve” and you’re good to go for the day. Need more time for a big project? Extend or swap to a quieter space from the same place in your app.

In a flexible, mobile environment, it’s hard to know where you’ll be an hour from now, let alone five minutes. Last minute meetings get booked, a colleague needs help on a project, or an old friend asks to grab a quick coffee, all affecting the trajectory of the day. Employees need to be adaptable. With this desk booking update on mobile, we’re encouraging freedom to move around the office with nothing more than a phone. 

If this is something you see your team benefitting from, we’d love to hear how it works in your office.