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Why Desk Check-ins Are a Key Piece of a Flexible Workplace Strategy

Desk Check-ins
Katie Cavanaugh
Published on

Small details can make a huge impact. We’re firm believers that the best workplace tools are the ones employees hardly notice — that’s how well they remove friction from the workday. 

Right now, going back to the office feels a lot like first day of school jitters. It’s hard to know what the space will look like, how people will act, or even how to get around.

That's why creating a seamless experience where people know what to expect and how to interact with a “new” space is a top priority for workplace teams.

Right now, it’s all about making your office an option for those who want to come in (and people want back in. Studies show more than 90% of Americans want the office to be part of their workweek).

The key ingredients to making that happen are: 

  1. Visibility into who’s in the office and when 
  2. Flexible and employee-first workflows 
  3. A clear understanding of office usage 

We’ve found that one seemingly small detail makes a huge difference in bringing each of these pieces together:

Desk check-ins. Here’s why. 

In the new office, all bets are off. Many teams that once relied on assigned seating are now finding immense value in flexible-seating strategies to bring people back safely and pave the way for new ways of working. In speaking with our customers, many agree flexible, on-demand desks employees book when they opt in to work from the office is the key winning strategy.

Okay. But, what are “desk check-ins” and how does check-in functionality factor into flexible seating strategies?

When an employee (likely part of a pioneer or pilot group) books a desk in the office for the day, as their desk reservation approaches, they’re prompted to “check in” to their desk. This is similar to how people “check in” to flights right from their phone or computer — perfect for a simple, personalized experience.

Why does this matter? The ability to check in to a desk or cancel a booking may seem like a small detail, but it offers benefits for employees and workplace admins alike, wrapped into one simple workflow.

To name a few:  

1. Return to the office with confidence

Desk check-ins is a personalized experience for employees that lets them know they’re exactly where they’re supposed to be. Minimizing any uncertainty helps build confidence for people stepping back into the office. It also gives admins the peace of mind that employees who want to be in the office, claimed their seat.

Example check in email. One tap and the desk is yours.

2. Get a living and historical view of your workplace

Easily monitor and confirm who’s in the office when. This data is essential for contact tracing should someone recently in the office fall ill. A data-backed method for contact tracing is a key health and safety piece to have in place when kicking off pilot return groups.

Easily see which desks are available and who will be sitting where with Robin's interactive floor map.

3. Adapt your space to new ways of work

No one wants real estate to go to waste. Now more than ever, it’s important to understand what desks and spaces are actually needed in your workplace. Without accurate data, it’s difficult to fuel ideas for future flexible seating arrangements or even clarify when it makes sense to minimize resources.

For instance, when someone books a seat, there’s always a chance that plans will change and they may not end up needing what they’ve booked. With desk check-in functionality, admins can make proactive changes to manage their space as effectively as possible.

When it comes to bringing people back into the office (and they want back in), it’s all about small details that reduce friction and build confidence when stepping back into a space that used to be familiar. With the right tools, like the small but mighty desk check-in, it’s easy to transition back and build a long-term workplace strategy with confidence. 

Want to see desk check-ins in action? Get a demo today.

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