Filter schedule by RSVPs, attendees and meeting length

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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This month we worked on ways to make the web dashboard even more useful since Search 2.0 was released. When your day is packed with meetings, it would be helpful to know which ones are the longest or that have large invite lists so you can make sure both the room and the resources are the right ones. The dashboard’s “Highlight” filter helps do just that.

Find Events That May Need Attention

Here’s how it works:


Meeting highlights are available through a dropdown on your organization’s schedule. It has some prebuilt filters based on common issues, and we’ll continue to add more as we learn from your feedback. Today’s options include:

  • Long invitee lists (e.g. > 5 people)
  • Meetings nobody checked into via the room display or mobile apps
  • Low RSVP rates (e.g. 5 invited, only 1 accepted)
  • Long meetings (e.g. > 90 minutes)

We’ve tuned these numbers based on averages over the past couple years across the entire platform. Here’s what a filter looks like:


Some questions this can answer:

  • Is the meeting in Board Room 2 still happening?
  • Do we need the entire hour for our meeting?
  • Do we have the right room for the amount of people invited to this meeting?

This is just the first step on the path to creating more transparency into what’s going on in the office. It’ll give you a better view of your meetings, and ultimately open the door to things like, “Which meetings have Alice in them?” Have specific filters you’d like to see for your office schedule? Let us know.