Introducing Flexible Plans for Offices of All Sizes

Not all office growth happens in terms of square footage. Starting this April, we’re updating our Scheduling plan limits and pricing to make it easier for organizations to find the right plan regardless of real estate footprint.


  • No change for existing customer plans, only new sign ups and updates.
  • New plans will go live the first week of April 2018.
  • All plans will start with 5 spaces, with options to expand as needed.
  • All plans may now add unlimited locations (buildings).
  • Account owners can now add extra spaces directly from the web dashboard’s billing management, so you can make those 11PM Saturday night changes without delay. (Oddly, this is a scenario we see at least once a week.)
  • We’re retiring the Premium plan. Basic and Pro plans will get new versions as part of this update.

What’s changing?

Starting the first week of April, all new plans in Scheduling will start with 5 spaces. This helps offices of all physical sizes pick the right tools for their team, instead of letting total conference rooms determine which features you need.The new plans, which you'll also find in our pricing page after the update:

  • Basic (Annually): $100/mo for 5 spaces + $20 per extra space.
  • Basic (Monthly): $150/mo for 5 spaces + $30 per extra space.
  • Pro (Annually): $110/mo for 5 spaces + $22 per extra space.
  • Pro (Monthly): $160/mo for 5 spaces + $32 per extra space.

Previously an office with 7 spaces would have to decide if better amenity and permission management was worth the jump to a 15 space minimum on the old Pro plan vs. sticking with Basic. This flexible pricing is also more consistent with the Desks product, and makes it easier to work with add-ons like Maps.

How does this affect existing customers?

If you’re already a customer, there is no change to your current plan or pricing. You can, of course, take advantage of the new plan flexibility at any time — many of you will save money and gain more tools in the process.You can read more about Legacy plans in our help center. Have questions, recently started a trial, or special circumstance affected by this change? We can help.

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