How to get the best beacon coverage in your office

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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Setting up your workplace with beacons for the first time? Here’s how to get the best results from Robin with placement for floor plans of all kinds.

Offices, like humans, come in many shapes and sizes. When rooms are oddly shaped or close together, Robin can sometimes think you’re in the wrong room and spontaneously teleport you through walls.

Square room, round signal

Beacons broadcast radially. If you’re interested in the exact physics behind this, Estimote has a great write up.

Unless you work in a lighthouse, yours is probably not perfectly round. This means that as you’re setting up a space with beacons, you’ll need to thing about beacon placement in terms of overlapping circles.

Setting room sizes

When you set up a space in Robin, you can also change the size:

Room sizes

Our mobile apps use this size to calculate which room you’re closest to based on nearby beacons.

Single Beacon

Most of you have one beacon per space:

Single beacon room coverage

Double Beacon

What happens if you use more than one? You can add more beacons to a space from the Dashboard, under its "Presence" tab.

Adding more beacons in dashboard

Long rectangular rooms are also common. In this case, you can get more accurate coverage by adding a second beacon and lowering the size:

Double beacon room coverage

Note: Currently all of a room’s beacons share the same radius size. If you need to mix sizes, you’re better off making a separate space.

Multiple Beacons

There’s no limit to how many beacons you can assign to a single space, meaning you can also get creative with layouts.

Odd shaped beacon room coverage

The best results come from experimenting with the combinations above. Have any challenges with your office’s layout? We’re good at spatial reasoning puzzles:

Robin makes room booking simple by teaching offices to recognize you. We’re on a mission to make the work day delightful, one room at a time.

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