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ICYMI: Product Updates in October 2017

product screenshot from the Robin platform
The Robin Team
Published on

Highlights from the past month or so, as seen in our official changelog.

RSVP on the fly, see suggested spaces, and more from the mobile app

  • Booking a space while on the move is now a whole lot easier with the mobile app. Suggested spaces surface a handful of your favorite meeting rooms before you even start to search.
  • With the latest update, filter by campus, building or level to hone in on nearby spaces.
  • RSVP right from event details, so you can let everyone know that you will grace them with your attendance.

Check out the latest updates and download the mobile app for iOS or Android.

Peek at your plans in the plugin


Decide if you have time to grab pre-meeting caffeine: the Chrome plugin counts down until your next event.The new schedule lets you see what’s next without interrupting your work. You're always one click away from a new event in Google or Robin. Learn more about Using Robin’s Extension for Google Calendar.

Update all room displays at once with bulk settings

We're making it easier to manage hundreds of displays. You can now apply Room Display settings to every device in a building, at the same time.Here are some of the settings you can adjust in bulk:

  • Adjust privacy settings: maintain mystery by masking meeting titles, invitees, or organizers.
  • Enable "abandoned meeting protection" to clean up ghost meetings for the whole building.
  • Toggle fullscreen color overlays for high (or low) visibility. Uniformity has never been easier.

Check out more settings from your building settings page: Settings>Office>Building

Helpful Odds & Ends

We made a few enhancements to help you book the right space for your meeting and troubleshoot if things don’t go as planned:

  • With a new preflight check we let you know the typical length of events for a space. If you book 3 hours in a space often used for 30 mins check ins, we’ll guide you toward a better fit.
  • We also will show if the event invite is going to come from your own calendar or the default calendar account

Other enhancements

  • Have multiple phones in a space? You can now assign a quantity to amenities. Here’s an example space that’s packed with more TVs and wine fridges than necessary:
  • To help resolve issues faster, we’re showing better warnings when things go wrong. New alerts for Exchange and Office365 let you know when calendars are unreachable and need repair.
  • Settings > Integrations now lists support docs and more information to guide you through setup.
  • Reserving a space with the Chrome extension no longer requires hitting Enter after selecting a room.

We fixed it!

  • Recent updates inadvertently disabled search across multiple buildings.
  • Fixed an issue that caused confusion if your default timezone in Robin and your computer didn't match.
  • You no longer need to refresh the page after updating Amenities - we’re saving your work.
  • Some analytics exports were incorrectly duplicating some recurring events. We’ve correctly counted them since fixing this issue.
  • The byline with “this space is typically used for” was missing from space pages - we found it and put it back in its place.
  • Fixed an issue where uploading a new Room Display image from Office Settings wasn’t properly loading.

What’s next?

  • Coming soon: desks! Join our early access:
  • MDM support for the room display will be available a little later this year. Provision 100's of devices at once with no extra work.    Also: more options to customize the background and overlay colors. You can decide to do away with the Yellow overlay or go wild and change Available/Busy colors to Orange and Purple.
  • For the Apple die-hards, there will soon be a Safari extension.
  • 10% of the events we saw in October included Zoom, Bluejeans, or Skype meeting links. We’re working on video calling integrations: request to join the upcoming beta.

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