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Desks your way: Manage where everyone sits, designate hot desks, and more

desks and reservations
The Robin Team
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We've officially rolled out Desks, a new workplace management tool to organize the rest of your office. You can create flexibility like never before, make the best use of your space, and keep everyone happy. Some offices are strict about assigned seats - granting a permanent desk for each employee. Others are chaotic - grab any seemingly empty seat!

We think everyone can strike a balance for an office type that is just right. You might have fixed assignments, hot desks (book today), hoteling (book ahead), or a mix of all three. Robin Desks supports whatever workflow your office embraces.

Seat assignments that are always up-to-date and easy to share

The workplace is often a big game of musical chairs that’s only fun when you get your favorite desk. Where does your list of seat assignments live? Perhaps there’s a list taped up by the coffee maker. Or an outdated spreadsheet, languishing in Google Drive.

With Desks, we’re rolling out a better way to make sense of the office. Keep track of who sits where, without getting yellow highlighter on your hands. Find places for incoming hires, rearrange seats for a department, and automate emails to let everyone know about their new seats. Empower people to look up coworker’s locations, without consulting the outdated spreadsheet. Desks manages the spaces in your office and the people who work at them.

Flexible spaces, desks, and things that come with them

It turns out we’re not always at our desks - up to a third of your time is spent in meetings. Desks support flexible work styles, like policies to coordinate reservations. Decide if you need permanent workstations, restrict some to short-term use, or reserve desks ahead of time.With clear availability labels, everyone in the office has what they need to get the job done, regardless of where they sit.

Support task-based work with flexible desks

The workday is unique, so why is your desk always the same? Sometimes you need a quiet place to concentrate on a presentation. Other times you need to sit with your team to brainstorm about the next big idea. Have a colleague from another office visiting? Reserve a desk ahead of time to make sure they feel welcome.

Help colleagues find a person or desk for work, without the work

We’re taking the stress out of finding people you need to work with and the places you can collaborate in. Robin Desks is one easy place to reference, so you spend less mental energy hunting down the right people. While en route to chat with Judy from Accounting, you might spot a quiet secluded corner of the office. Use the mobile app to reserve a workstation or meeting room for some heads-down work time.

What’s next?

We're just getting started with Desks. Soon, people will be easier to find with the addition of Maps. Colleagues, and their desks, are in plain sight on Robin Maps, even Judy from Accounting. Desks would look great on our brand new Status Board. We're working on bringing Desks into more of the places you already interact with Robin.Ready to try Desks?

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