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The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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Meetings are rarely a solo endeavor, now you can use Robin to invite others to the room you just booked. Updates for iOS and Android are available today and include features which make it easier to get meetings started quickly:

  • New scheduling workflows for adding details and guests
  • See a room's complete schedule from the mobile app
  • Find out who is in the office using location-level presence
  • More helpful context for mobile search results

Location-level presence

Now you can see who's around the office even without beacons thanks to the magic of geofences. For iOS users, the app will automatically check you in after the first time you open it for the day. Set your office address to enable it.

Creating meetings in Robin

This release takes a step forward by adding more fields for scheduled events. You can now edit the name of the event, meeting description, and include others on the invite.

Your guests will receive the usual email invitation. Their RSVP will appear next to their avatar in the event's details. We've also reworked how rooms show their availability throughout the day. Think your meeting might run over? You can now check how much more time is available with agenda views and easy-to-read time block.

Mobile calendar view

Redesigned compose window for event invitations

Everything above is also available on the web dashboard through the new compose window for events. The new booking window will follow you around across pages, so you can multitask without fear of losing your progress.

Robin event compose window

Grab the updates here.