Inside MemSQL: Where history and data collide

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MemSQL was founded on the principle that businesses needed to leverage data to make every moment work in their favor. Companies like Pinterest, Samsung and Akamai depend on their solution set to turn insights into actions. Located in the heart of San Francisco, their office was something that needed to both reflect their company, and the passions of the employees inside it.

Some Background

Leveraging the history of San Francisco's SOMA neighborhood, MemSQL worked with Fennie + Mehl Architects to build a flexible, open office environment that could support their continued growth.

The office is built around providing the most comfortable environment in order to harvest creativity, encourage staff to work on-site, and promote a sense of unity through shared meals, game nights, and coding competitions.  -- Fennie + Mehl Architects

The MemSQL Office

Here are some photos provided by the MemSQL team and Fennie + Mehl Architects.

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