October update: New space types, pages for calendar events, and more

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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In October, we spent a lot of time on the dashboard and on our integrations to make it even easier for you to add and manage calendar events. Here’s a quick rundown of how the month went.

New Space Types in Robin

The kinds of meetings you have are constantly changing based on the team you’re meeting with and the space you’re meeting in. That’s why we added a few new space types to choose from:

- Huddle

- Project

- Event

- Listening

Dedicated, Linkable Pages for Your Calendar Events

Long story short, we wanted to give you the ability to link to, and share calendar events with your colleagues.This new feature does a few things:

  • Puts all your events under the calendar icon on the top right part of the dashboard
  • Pulls in everything from amenities to integrations and details
  • Displays it as a page, so the event can be shared with coworkers and edited from one place

Here’s what it looks like:


The rest of the new feature announcement can be found in this blog post.

A New Way to Connect to Office 365

Calendar pairing isn’t the most exciting, but it’s the foundation of what makes Robin work, and make your life a little bit easier. In October, we added the ability to pair your Office 365 calendar with Robin using a service account.


Read the full blog post for more details on how this works.

Coming up

November is here, and starting this month, you can also track a selection of upcoming initiatives via our public roadmap. Some things we're working on in the coming months:

  • Single Sign On via Office 365
  • Multi-day views for schedules (e.g. monthly, weekly)
  • An easier way to download analytics reports
  • Custom login pages for organizations

If you missed last month's update, you can read more on that here.