We no longer require a PhD to pair room calendars

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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screenshot of pairing room calendars

If you made a list of life's biggest challenges, pairing calendars in Robin would have been right up there until last week. We've heard your emails, tweets, and righteously baffled phone calls and decided to do something about it.

In the latest dashboard release we shipped a new version of the calendar, which makes pairing calendars to your office's rooms much easier. It looks like this:

We’ve replaced the separate fields for “Calendar” and “Resource” with a combined dropdown that includes both. Of the teams we spoke to that used Google Calendar, only a handful had any idea which type they used and separating them led to confusion. (Hint: Both work, but Resources have a few advantages for managing conflicts.)

Expanded calendar resources

Aside from the design update, there are a few rules with the new “mega calendar picker”:

  1. You can't use your account's primary calendar for a space's calendar. For Google Apps, your primary calendar is one that matches your email address (i.e. jpicard@starfleet.com). A common problem early adopters ran into was an office manager pairing their account, only to quickly discover they were the busiest person in the office when everyone’s events started piling onto their schedule.
  3. Each calendar can pair to a single room at a time. Unless you experience space and time differently, people can’t be in two places at once. Your room’s calendars are now the same way.

Protip: If your calendar resource don’t show up, make sure you’ve turned on API access inside the Google Apps admin panel. Don't worry, we have a guide.Does this help?

We'd love to know what you think. Happy scheduling!