Inside PillPack: Vintage meets innovation

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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Launched in early 2014, PillPack delivers a better, simpler pharmacy experience for people who manage multiple medications (roughly 60 million Americans). When building and designing their offices, they wanted to something different, incorporating things like Stephen Kenn sofas in the lounge made from vintage pieces of military tent fabric from World War II to a bar sourced from a Lower East Side establishment built in the 1930’s.

Some Background

"We wanted to move away from the sterile, abrasive aesthetic that is so common in startups. We completely gutted the existing build out, exposed the ceiling and polished the terrazzo concrete floors," said Haley McLane, owner of Haley Mclane, LLC. Branded Environments."One of the design challenges was light - the existing windows were small and widely spaced. Our solution was to focus on earth tones, muted colors, and warm lighting to compliment the dark hues. Rather than adding loud pops of color, we focused on incorporating varieties of texture in the space. A Venetian plaster wall lies behind our vintage reception desk. Heavy plaid curtains add color to the custom made glass walls surrounding the conference rooms, while also providing privacy during meetings. We also incorporated locally sourced reclaimed wood in the kitchen."

The PillPack Office

Here are some photos provided by the PillPack team.

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