Is your office broken? Rate your workplace with a quick quiz

Katie Cavanaugh
Katie Cavanaugh
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Take 2-3 minutes out of your day to learn whether or not your office is setting you up for success. We'll offer suggestions based on your results!

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Time for a reality check

In the hopes of enlightening office-goers everywhere, we designed this quiz to act as a quick workplace reality check. Is your office very functional, just okay or in need of serious improvement?

Of course, every office is unique and comes with its own set of challenges, but there are certain factors that indicate the effectiveness of a workplace’s functionality. Some offices crush it while others don’t set their employees up to be productive or engaged ultimately leading to unsatisfied employees and an unsuccessful workplace. Based on those factors, how does your office stack up? Take our quick quiz (2-3 minutes) to find out.

P.S. At Robin, we took the quiz ourselves to get our finger on the pulse of our own office. Our results showed that while not entirely broken, our office could certainly use some work. Thankfully, we’ll be expanding to another floor in the coming months and that extra space should help where we’re experiencing productivity blockers (distractions, lack of privacy, crowded work stations, etc).

What are the productivity blockers in your office?