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How to get your office ready for the return-to-work

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Katie Cavanaugh
Published on

The past few weeks have been fast and slow. A rapid transition out of the office left us working from home or minimizing how many people go into the office.

Now, the world feels like it’s on pause, reluctant to fast-forward through the chaos.

We got our people out and plugged in remotely. With the new normal of Slack chats, Zoom calls, home-schooling, and 24/7 sweats, we’ve all grown intimately familiar with a new quarantine colleague: uncertainty. 

Here at Robin, we’ve been thinking a lot about what this means for the future of work and how the physical office can support our newfound familiarity with flexibility and people-first dynamics. 

Here are two ways we’d like to help support your workplace:

1) Ask workplace and community experts

What’s ours is yours. Our arsenal of workplace experts is your arsenal. Our network of industry leaders is your network. We’ve been in the world of work for a while now and talk with industry leaders and office admins every week, but we have no interest in putting our learnings in a brain bank. If there’s one thing we all have in common right now it’s uncertainty – a problem always best solved together.

Our ask is that you reach out. Tweet us, write our support team, heck, email our CEO, he’ll answer.

We’re putting all hands on deck to help make the transition back to the office smooth, and we believe sharing what knowledge we have is a good place to start.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be answering any questions we get and sharing resources to help workplace teams feel like the first steps they take to go back to work are confident ones.

2) Help plan your return to the office

Transitioning out of the office was bumpy but that doesn’t mean going back has to be.

Right now, we think the best defense is a proactive offense. Since workplace teams can’t be in-office making plans, we want to offer the next best thing: a virtual office. 

We’re giving workplace teams a head start on their return-to-the-office game plan with tools to get started today. Test out new floor plans and seating arrangements directly on a map while the office is unoccupied. Use our team to talk through new policies and change messaging to make returning to the office an easy experience for employees.

To make this possible and accessible, we’re giving two free extra months for long-term thinkers signing onto annual plans in April.

As mentioned, we’ve been immersed in the world of work for a long time and have a lot of visibility into what can and will make offices function well. We want to remove any barriers we can between that information and the people who need it. 

For more details and ideas about jumpstarting your return-to-the-office plan, read here.

To schedule time to talk with one of our workplace experts, click here.

In the meantime, we hope you’re staying healthy and safe (and enjoying some extra quality time with your new four-legged coworkers).

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