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Rewritable Space

Rewritable Space
The Robin Team
Published on
July 16, 2014

“Wear our device and it will track how many times you…”

Just like that, in 2010 the pedometer was cool again. Not just cool, but an opportunity for early tech adopters to live up to their title. The age of quantified self began, and people started to measure things that used to slip under the radar. There’s something intriguing about knowing when you have a 10,000 step day — especially when you’re pushing forward on a New Year's resolution that’s spotty, but (in case anyone asks) still going strong.

Tech companies sprung up to build armies of tiny machines good at sensing incredibly specific information. These devices monitored everything from posture to (and I have no better way of saying this) a device that literally watches you sleep. These devices read from the real world. It’s a great start, but remember how much CD burners changed the game?

We believe connected devices and wearables are on the same path. Things get good when they write to the real world too. Sure, there are lightbulbs and thermostats that can change the environment today, but that’s barely scratching the surface. As tech moves past the home automation testbed, devices need to figure out how to deal with two things you don’t experience at home: strangersand crowds.

You’ll effectively walk around with an interface ready to go at all times

If quantified self was a good start, rewritable space is the next step forward. Buildings of the future will have their own API’s. Speech and gesture interfaces take the first step in giving “open” control. With devices like the Myo and Nod on the horizon, you’ll effectively walk around with an interface ready to go at all times. You’ll control devices you’ve never met before with the same precision as your own phone. Walking into a room will give you immediate control of a presentation onscreen using hand gestures.We’re looking forward to it, and are helping to jumpstart the parts we can — starting with the workplace. If you’re keen on joining us for the adventure, our closed beta is looking for trailblazers for the future of work.

Technically, security systems deal with strangers — but we’ll assume connected burglary isn’t a hot market… yet.

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