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Robin & Partners: The Names Behind #HWCon2022

The hybrid work conference sponsors
Becky Chariton
Published on

The Hybrid Work Conference is about bringing together a community of people interested in learning about flexible work strategies and shaping the future of work. While we are both excited and proud to be hosting this one-of-a-kind event, we couldn’t do it alone.

We are so grateful to have 9 amazing sponsors who are helping us put on this event and define what it means to build a vibrant hybrid workplace. Each sponsor plays a crucial role in workplace experience: from technology to community support to employee engagement and layout - they are paving the way as industry leaders.

Meet our sponsors and find out what they do, and why they’re here. Get a better understanding of why we’re so excited to work with them.

Introducing HWCon2022 Sponsors: 8 Hybrid Work Leaders


Logitech logo

Logitech’s solutions comprise a complete ecosystem of video conferencing hardware, software, services, and world-class partnerships. From boardrooms to living rooms, hot desks to huddle spaces - their technology is used to support spaces all over the world.

We use Logitech screens in our offices to support our meeting spaces. As leaders in the workplace tech industry, they are changing how people interact with the office, helping to create a seamless workplace experience for all employees.


Vergesense logo

We often say data-driven decisions build vibrant hybrid workplaces. Once you get people into the office, you still need to check in and ensure things are running smoothly and being used to their full capacity. That’s where Vergesense comes in.

People counting, occupancy, and usage data is made simple with Vergesense’s Spatial Intelligence Platform. Their solutions provide teams with a true understanding of their spaces, so they can optimize for cost savings and employee experience with confidence.


Embrava logo

Hybrid offices rely on seamless workplace experiences. Embrava’s technology makes it easy for people to navigate the office the minute they walk through the door. Their digital signage and workplace solutions are designed for office hoteling and hybrid work. 

This global tech company helps organizations create smarter workspaces and enable frictionless workplace experiences.


Bucketlist logo

When everyone isn’t in the office, recognizing people’s hard work becomes a challenge. If you want to retain top talent it’s important to ensure your teams feel appreciated and supported.

Bucketlist’s software enables your team to reward one another for a job well done, milestones and achievements. Engage your teams and create a community they want to be a part of with support from Bucketlist.


JLL logo

You can’t have hybrid work without an office. JLL is an expert real estate company, they buy, build, occupy and invest in a variety of assets including industrial, commercial, retail, residential, and hotel real estate. 

From tech startups to global firms, they support companies in all industries including banking, energy, healthcare, law, life sciences, manufacturing, and technology. Your office should work for you, and JLL can help you find the best possible fit.


Veldhoen Company logo

Building a new workplace strategy? Veldhoen helps companies develop new ways to work that are tailored to their needs. They encourage teams to connect, individuals to thrive and organizations to flourish.

They’re working toward a better world of work and understand that starts with you. They join their clients on their journey and ensure they’re on the right path to do their best work.


Donut logo

One of hybrid work’s biggest challenges is building relationships and community amongst distributed teams. With Donut’s integration, people can connect from wherever they are. 

Set up virtual coffee, peer learning, DEI discussions, and more with support from Donut. Like your own virtual water cooler, they help teams reestablish the small talk they had in the office. Empower your teams to find purpose in the workplace.


Mamava logo

The flexibility that resulted from hybrid work is irreplaceable, especially for new parents. At home, breastfeeding is a regular part of the day but can be a challenge when the office comes into play, that’s where Mamava comes in.

Mamava is the leading expert in lactation space design. They provide dignified lactation accommodations and breastfeeding resources for employers and organizations around the world. They help companies build accessible and flexible workplaces for everyone.

Shaping the Future of Work Together

Collaboration starts with partnership. Together with the HWCon2022 sponsors we are leading the conversation on flexible work strategies and defining what a vibrant hybrid workplace is.

Building better workplaces together. Check out our sponsors at #HWCon2022 in-person or online October 3-5th. Register now.

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