Inside Skyscanner: Experimentation in collaboration

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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If you've ever traveled, you have probably heard of Skyscanner, a leading global travel search site offering a comprehensive and free flight search service as well as online comparisons for hotels and car rentals. Skyscanner has an average of 50 million unique monthly visitors, and their app has been downloaded over 50 million times -- available in over 30 languages around the world.Skyscanner's office, much like their service, brings a vibrance of culture to encourage experimentation and collaboration throughout all their offices.

Some Background

"Our vibrant playful colors make any of these offices easily distinguishable," said Virginia Story, the Office Manager for Skyscanner's Miami office. "Each follows a similar color palette with localization being key in showcasing our geographic individuality.""Our design strategy is centered around agile practices, experimentation, validated learnings, collaboration and, of course, fun.

Our open floor plan, white board walls, meeting pods, and breakout areas help when our teams need to work together and our phone booth and quiet room allow for some much needed alone time. In all of our design decisions, we seek to provide workspace and tech solutions that help our teams do the best work of their lives. Robin is one of the many tools that help us do just this."

The Skyscanner Office

Here are some photos provided by the Skyscanner team.

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