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Today you’ll notice the sidebar on our web dashboard looks different. Besides being darker, it also has a few big changes that should make it easier to find available space around the office. Let’s take a tour.

This was the old location sidebar. It’s terrible. We’re sorry for subjecting you to something that may actually violate articles of the Geneva Convention.

Old sidebar we're sorry for making

This is the new sidebar.

The new states

It’s better at answering the question “What’s happening in all these rooms right now?” Room statuses are shown without having to click on anything, meaning you can keep a bird's eye view from a single column.

Room status

The icon next to each room name shares its current status. There are three main statuses a room can be in.

Robin room status options
  • Green: The room is available. Hooray!
  • Yellow: The room's calendar is booked, but nobody has shown up yet
  • Red: The room is in use by real live humans.

We also learned that our original color scheme for availability made many of our color blind friends miss out. To help include everyone, we’ve changed the icons to be useful in black and white.

Location switcher

The top location switcher also received some love this week, making it easier to switch between organizations and locations in fewer clicks.


The old way of switching orgs and locations

Thanks to your feedback, we learned it was super challenging to navigate between locations. Switching between the places you care about should be dead simple, so we fixed it.


The new location sidebar dropdown

Now Robin lists all the locations across organizations you belong to in mega dropdown. If you need to manage anything at the organization level, we’ve also dropped a link right there to help. No more hunting through organizations to find out where the "Headquarters" location is.

Next up

This is the first in a series of updates we have planned aiming to make finding the right space or person easier. Love or hate something in the meantime? @robinpowered and hello@robinpowered.com

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