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The Top 10 Themes for Conference Room Names

Top 10 Themes for Conference Room Names
The Robin Team
Published on

When named well, your meeting rooms can help provide inspiration, navigation, and branding. At the very least, these names make booking conference rooms a little more fun for your team. 

And, let’s be honest, we could all use a few more smiles in our lives.

Using Robin’s software, we want to take the guesswork off your hands by studying tens of thousands of meeting room names. Here’s what’s trending.

Here are 10 ideas for conference room names:

1. Travel to global cities

Global destinations are always a big hit in offices. Try naming your rooms after the cities your offices are located or places that represent the diversity of your team members.

If those ideas don’t get you excited, take some inspiration from our customers. Our data shows that the following cities are used most for conference rooms: London, Paris, Tokyo, Sydney, Berlin, New York, Madrid, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Barcelona.

2. Immerse yourself in famous movies

Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Star Wars top the sci-fi genre while Superman and Batman take the cake for adventure. Not featured? Batman v Superman. You could choose to feature a mix of these types of movies, or go ham on one and use all Harry Potter references, as an example. 

Personally, I’d like a mix to accommodate the varying tastes, but I’d probably pick one sub-theme (either sci-fi or adventure/superhero, but not both). 

3. Get inspired by your latest TV binge

As everyone with a Netflix login knows, it’s been the golden age of TV for the past few years. Which leaves us with nearly unlimited fodder for conference room names. You could stay loyal to a network like HBO, or opt for the top 10 shows across the board. 

Or maybe you want to focus on a certain genre, like comedy or classics. The favorites that we’ve identified include Game of Thrones, Star Trek, and The Simpsons. 

4. Follow the leaders

Leaders should aspire success among teams. Why not name your collaborative spaces after these go-getters?

You could easily name your conference rooms after the top ten leaders in your industry or you can get creative by uncovering lesser-known heroes. Whatever your approach - make sure to teach your teams more about these figures.

5. Plants, plants, and more plants

Whether consciously or subconsciously, human beings benefit from plants in the office. But some offices have gone beyond a few potted pots and named conference rooms after different flora. 

Plants, flowers, and trees are solid neutral topics that add a level of awareness about nature and encourage a peaceful office environment. Some customers have gone the tree route while others have featured flowers like Saxifrage or Prairie Crocus.

6. Look outside the window for the local landmarks

List out the landmarks in your city -- you know, the places you’ve never been to but always recommend to visiting friends and family? 

You could also source landmarks globally. Or focus on landmarks in all of the cities your company is based out of. Global landmarks we noted from various customers include: the Great Wall of China, the Egyptian pyramids, and the Statue of Liberty.

Lightning round conference room name ideas:

If the top six didn’t grab your attention, here’s four more in a flash:

7. Rappers: Kendrick, Minaj, Khalifa, Tupac
8. Composers: Mozart, Bach, Beethoven
9. Artists: O’Keeffe, Monet, Cezanne
10. Directors: Kubrick, Bigelow, Coppola, Peele

While we can’t do the naming for you, Robin can help ensure all of your workplace experience needs are handled.

From making decisions on office space to managing booking conference rooms - get in touch with the team today for a free demo!

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