Inside Vidyard: A video platform brought to life

The Robin Team
The Robin Team
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Vidyard is transforming the way brands leverage video to communicate their messages to the world, in a measurable and insightful way. Headquartered in Canada, Vidyard's office was built with the intention of emulating the creativity of the brands they help each day. From hanging chairs, to the furniture layouts in each space -- they wanted their office to be a place where their customers would come to work.

Some Background

Here's what CEO Michael Litt said about his inspiration for the design:"The first floor is all about team creativity. You’ll see graffiti selects, free-style swinging benches and tables, individual pod swings, a couch corner, and a collaborative, open-concept stadium seating space that is designed to encourage team dialogue.The second floor was designed with engineering productivity in mind.

You’ll notice a number of six-person pods, surrounded by collaborative spaces for agile development. This space is wide open down the middle for group discussions, random collisions, and brainstorming. The second floor is also capped with “The Library” a gorgeous open space with an old industrial feel designed for team meetings, training, customer events and board meetings.The 3rd floor houses all of the direct to customer functions from inbound lead development all the way to customer support.

This space is designed to be open as to inspire discussions and facilitate team collaborations, while still providing a quiet space to take calls and create quick videos for 1:1 communication. The meeting rooms are open and airy. There is an old shipping container in the middle of the space that has been converted into a beautiful secondary board room and “Town-Hall” for team lunches and weekly all-hands meeting. Town-hall is fringed with a space we call “The Shire,” designed to mimic a grassy knoll."

The Vidyard Office

Here are some photos provided by the Vidyard team.

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