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How T3 Advisors Gained a Better Understanding of How to Build a Better Culture Around How People Work


Commercial Real Estate

50 employees

5 spaces


Double booking

No meeting room management

Lack of visibility


Robin Spaces


As a leading global commercial real estate brand, T3 Advisors has helped some of the biggest and most diverse set of companies find and utilize the most effective office spaces.

But when it came to their own office, T3 faced lots of double booking given how their space was being managed. When booking a room, there was no great representation of what was available and what wasn’t.

We needed something that would truly tell us what was happening in the office. We also wanted to find a solution that we could stand behind when our clients had similar problems. - Morgan Mosher, Director of Brand and Culture

T3 Advisors Office


T3 chose Robin for its ability to solve a very simple problem: to better manage their conference rooms. It worked so well that T3 was able to build another room in their office without having to relocate because Robin gave them the data they needed to make that decision.

"As a company that is in the know with office technology and workplace solutions, we needed to practice what we preached and make sure that if we recommend something to our clients, that we find real value from it as well."

With Robin, every update and feature becomes more and more a part of our brand. And it's the go-to solution we tell all our clients about.

T3 Advisors meeting room scheduling display

A look into the future

Moving forward, T3 sees immense value in how data and activities in the office can shape current and future spaces for their clients according to Mosher.

“When our clients have a year or less on their lease, we look to Robin to see how their space is being used. It can mean the difference between building the wrong office and building one that is most efficient. Robin is more than a room booking app — it gives you a deeper understanding of how people work.”

You'll be in great company

The best run offices already schedule their work spaces with Robin.

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