How Jobvite supercharged meeting culture and saved on space costs

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As a comprehensive recruiting platform focused on sourcing, hiring, and onboarding new hires, Jobvite is especially interested in providing the best experience to their employees. But, when it came to having efficient meetings and keeping calendars clean, they were at a loss and relied on outdated technology to reserve conference rooms.

Since moving to a new office in 2015, Jobvitees had been relying on Outlook to reserve rooms. Office Manager Yvonne Ho knows traditional email and calendar tools only solve part of the scheduling problem: “Often nobody would show up to their reserved room. People looking for a space to meet were afraid to take empty rooms. As the office manager, a lot of people were coming up to me to ask to book a certain room.” The team also needed to use space more efficiently after they reorganized two floors in the San Mateo office. Bringing two floors together meant losing a couple of meeting rooms in the process.

Robin is a great tool for us. One of our big team-wide initiatives this year is to have more effective meetings. We’re encouraging people to start with a shorter meeting and extend from the display if they need it. - Yvonne Ho, Office Manager
A large conference room in the Jobvite San Mateo office.


“I love how the Dashboard gives me a quick glance at all the meetings that are happening, and it is so easy to find open rooms.”

Room Displays resolved their schedule visibility, “is-this-room-free-or-not”problem, and the team loves the intuitive stoplight colors that show availability. Yvonne has heard from coworkers who “love Robin because it takes the guesswork out of conference rooms. I love that I can reach out to who has it booked.”

Jobvite is well on their way to better meetings. They've used space more efficiently with shorter meeting timeframes and only holding necessary meetings like private convos or big team meet ups. They also use Robin to clean up calendars when no one shows up — ghost meetings be gone!

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