MemSQL improved the efficiency of their office with functional and automated analytics

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MemSQL was founded on the principle that businesses needed to leverage data to make every moment work in their favor. Companies like Pinterest, Samsung and Akamai depend on their solution set to turn insights into actions.

As the company grew, it knew that their previous solution couldn’t handle the needs of the employees. Rooms were being double booked, and crashes led to inconsistent bookings — there needed to be a better way.

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MemSQL chose Robin for its ability to provide functional and automated insights into how they could improve the efficiency of their office. And much like their business, Robin provided analytics MemSQL could act on.

Robin and its incredible community instantly stood out to me. From the website to their business model, they reassembled our own organization; growing fast, populated with talented employees, and a quality product. Implementing the product was swift, and our successes with Robin were even faster. - Weston Hochmuth, IT Manager

Since implementation, MemSQL no longer sees rooms being double booked, spaces wasted or extension issues, according to Hochmuth.

Numerous things have improved as a result of the features that Robin has effortlessly implemented into its product. The most used feature is on demand bookings. It’s a night and day difference between Robin and our previous product.

A look into the future

As MemSQL continues to grow, Hochmuth says that scaling the team around the world will be their biggest challenge.

“The challenges we face will be the interaction at play with remote offices and Robin's amazing team is already gearing up to help,” he said. “It’s the perfect solution for the task at hand; equal parts aesthetic, functional, automated.”

Built for your workplace

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