Reward Gateway Added Full Visibility to their Office and Growing Company

Employee Engagement Technology


Located across five countries with hundreds of employees, Reward Gateway is building a platform for HR to better connect their organizations with their employees. As a company that was growing its employee base as quickly as its business, Reward Gateway soon discovered that employees weren’t utilizing their office space very well.

In our London Hub, we have lots of enclosed pods that make it hard to see where people are sat unless you poke your head into someone else’s meeting, which is always a bit intrusive. We needed to introduce a system so we could see when people were unavailable without having to disturb an ongoing conversation. - Andy Seaton, IT Manager


Reward Gateway chose Robin to help them understand how their office was being used, and to bring a “beautiful product” to their employees. Robin helped them gain full visibility into what rooms, and what employees were available without disturbing any ongoing meetings. Reward Gateway also chose Robin for its ability to maximize the efficiency of the office.

Since we’ve rolled out Robin across the office, we have all been empowered to book our own meeting spaces meaning that our Office Managers time has been freed up.

Once Reward Gateway found success with Robin in its London office, it rolled out Robin to their offices in Birmingham and Boston.

A look into the future

Looking towards the future, Reward Gateway is excited for how Robin can help them create more efficient meetings spaces.

“Meeting rooms are an important, but often limited, resource so it's vital we're able to get the most out of them, which Robin helps us do,” said Seaton. “I imagine the data we get from Robin could influence future office layouts. Now that we’re able to see what type of meeting spaces are most popular, we may decide to put more of them in future builds.”

Built for your workplace

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