VaynerMedia Added Transparency to Their Office with Room Scheduling

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Founded by Gary Vaynerchuk, a New York Times and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling author, self-taught wine expert, and serial entrepreneur, VaynerMedia has grown to be one of the largest branding and creative agencies in the world.

As the company grew to over 500 employees worldwide, employees were booking rooms and not showing up for meetings, which for VaynerMedia, was a huge waste of time in spaces that could have been used to house new project meetings.


VaynerMedia chose Robin for the ability to provide added transparency of what was going on in the office.

The Robin app on iPads outside each room made Robin the right decision. It gave our team the ability to check in and out once they were done, releasing the room for other people to use. It just made sense. - Skye Cammorata, Director of Office Operations

VaynerMedia’s rooms are being used more often now, and more efficiently than before thanks to their eight minute check-in rule. If someone doesn’t check into a meeting after eight minutes, the room is freed up for another colleague to use. VaynerMedia took the extra time to customize each iPad as well, giving the rooms a little flare to match the room name and its personality.

A look into the future

As VaynerMedia continues to grow, Cammorata says they’re excited to explore more of what booking and managing spaces look like in Robin.

“We’re excited to use Robin more in booking to help us manage our office even better.”

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