[VIDEO] Health Catalyst Workforce Adds Desk Booking and Interactive Maps

[VIDEO] Health Catalyst Workforce Adds Desk Booking and Interactive Maps


In just six years, Health Catalyst grew rapidly from 67 to 700+ employees. At first, Office Manager Heather Metcalfe was manually adding to and editing the company seating chart moving around text boxes in Illustrator. She soon realized that process wouldn't sustain a growing workforce, especially with no help. After years of constant interruptions from colleagues asking where they were supposed to be or where Jen from Accounting sits, Heather realized she needed a room and desk management software solution to do the work for her and her teammates — one that was a breeze to update as an admin and easy-to-navigate as an end user, and would save her time throughout the day to get her most critical work done.

After moving off of a competitor due to slow moving processes for a fast growing company, Heather discovered Robin.

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"I had a new team member here visiting the office and he came up to me with this big smile on his face and said, 'I love Robin! I know exactly where I'm sitting and I know exactly where I'm going!' It was really fun to see that this kind of thing is making an impact on my team members."
Heather Metcalfe | Office Manager

Before Robin, Health Catalyst had no way to organize a flexible workforce inside of the office. This was especially difficult when it came to the company's remote-first work culture, where half of the company works from home, occasionally visiting the office for days or weeks at a time for meetings.

"Finding and creating spaces can be very difficult. A lot of people don’t know the layout of the office very well, and so being able to look on a map and say, ‘Oh, this is where I want to go.’ That’s why Robin is so successful and easy to use here."

Robin Desks on Maps at Health Catalyst


With Robin Maps and Desks, Health Catalyst employees have full visibility into the office layout and where they're seated and are encouraged to actively use Robin directly and provide feedback when they see fit. Remote employees can simply book a desk when they visit the office for hours or days at a time and as a result, Heather regained hours worth of time each week to focus on the work she loves most.

"That's the kind of empowerment that we like to give our team members. And we expect that kind of empowerment from other companies that we interact with just because that's the way we work."

Before Robin, Heather had no insight into how her office space was being used. With the data-driven and actionable Insights provided from the Robin platform, she has a much better understanding of how her employees like to work, what spaces are booked most often and why, along with ways to improve the office for everyone. With an office expansion in the works, Heather's excited to use this type of unearthed information to influence the rest of the office's design in order to create an environment her teammates love.


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