SoulCycle uses Robin's space scheduling solution to make their 3000+ employees more self-sufficient

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Imagine managing the workplace experience for a company of three offices, 90+ studios and close to 3,000 employees. Leading the People Operations team housed in SoulCycle's NYC headquarters, Krista Filingeri does just that. With 91, soon to be 93, cycling studios, her job extends beyond the traditional office by setting up both SoulCycle instructors and full-time employees for success with the tools they need to be a productive member of the team.

SoulCycle office running smoothly with Robin's conference room scheduling software

With a growing company, Krista realized their process to find and book conference rooms simply wouldn't scale. Before finding Robin, people looking for a space to meet were required to email their preferred date and time to the person whose sole job was to maintain the conference room schedule. That person would look in Google Calendar to see what was available. With each space showing as a different color, they would find the colors that weren't taken at a certain time and book the room for whoever requested it.

Depending on the day, getting a response on which room was booked and at what time would take anywhere from a couple hours to a couple days. If someone needed a room within 10 minutes, their best bet would be squatting in a room with enough open space for the type of meeting they wanted to hold.

The team was growing, employees were frustrated with the lack of insight into conference room availability and Krista knew something needed to give in order to create a better workplace experience. That's when she found Robin's conference room scheduling solution.

"Robin really allows us to maintain our daily productivity goals, whereas not having to worry about conference room really alleviated a lot of stress for so many people here. No longer relying on one person to find and book meeting rooms and empowering all of our employees to be much more self-sufficient has really increased our productivity."


When it came down to a few conference room scheduling systems, SoulCycle's IT and AV teams went with Robin for several reasons: its intuitive interface, how easy it was to integrate into SoulCycle's current scheduling system and how simple the onboarding process for employees would be. Once implemented with room displays up and running and access to the Robin dashboard, the team soon realized the positive effect Robin has on their teammates.

Room displays are set up in the SoulCycle office to schedule and check in to meetings efficiently.
"Robin is something that kind of broke the barrier with conference rooms which is very much how SoulCycle operates, being the first of the boutique fitness craze. Add on how easy it is to find and book rooms, the clean aesthetic and overall look, everything about Robin really identified with us."

With Robin, SoulCycle employees have full transparency into the office floor plan, knowing exactly where bookable spaces are and when they're available. Whether someone needs a space for an ad-hoc meeting with a colleague or a pre-scheduled meeting room with an external vendor, the minute they go into the office calendar using Robin's dashboard, they'll see exactly what rooms are available and immediately secure the best one for the task.

"I think my favorite part of Robin is when someone goes to ask me for a conference room, as being a member of the People Operations Team, and I can very easily direct them to Robin," said Filingeri. "I think all the employees being self-sufficient is very important. So when I think, 'oh, I actually don't have to do this. Robin can really take over from here,' that's my favorite."

SoulCycle employees can collaborate and meet whenever they need using Robin.

When it comes to onboarding, new employees are set up with Robin as part of their training with the Business Technology team. As soon as they're set up with laptops and email addresses, they also get trained on how to use Robin so that from their very first day on the job, they know they're encouraged to use it.

"If you have more than two conference rooms, you could probably benefit from Robin. And if your company is based off of collaboration, brainstorming and teamwork, like ours is, you'll find importance in Robin because it allows people to find the perfect spaces for those activities."

A look into the future

As SoulCycle continues to grow, Krista feels confident that her team will have all the resources they need to be successful knowing they have Robin on their side. Looking forward, Krista plans to add Robin Interactive Maps to their workplace experience tool kit.

"I would imagine, as we continue to hire new people and bring them into our family, that for new employees, having Maps would really help them get acquainted with our space here, as well as their co-workers," said Filingeri. "Without having a map, the office can be intimidating. It's hard to find your way to a meeting or a coworker not knowing where they sit in the office. Robin's wayfinding tool will really help with that."

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