Conference Room Schedule Display

Great looking schedules right at the door

Prevent conference room “theft” and remove abandoned meetings with the Robin conference room schedule display

Crestron room display for meeting room scheduling at the Shopify

Robin automatically updates

All robin apps are built so 9 out of 10 updates can be pushed instantly.

Check-ins remove ghost meetings

Confirm the meeting took place with check-ins. If nobody shows up after a set amount of time, the room unbooks itself.

Increase visibility, fight room "theft"

Eliminate double booking. Keep the peace by having one place to show meetings.

Report room issues from tablet

Hear about issues before they become problems. Get alerts when equipment breaks.

Syncs instantly with Google, Office 365, and Microsoft Exchange

Visible room statuses highlight meeting space availability

Bring branding and personality to your meeting room schedule display with background images and logos - it’s fully customizable, so you can make each room your own.

Preview customization options:

iPad tablet room display for meeting room scheduling showing that
        it is available Android tablet room display for meeting room scheduling showing
        that it is booked Kindle tablet room display for meeting room scheduling showing in
        customized low-contrast mode
  • Foursquare Logo for Foursquare, a customer of Robin
Robin dashboard settings page where administrators can define
          booking rules and meeting controls to optimize the office

Unique settings for each of your different spaces

Customize meeting controls that match your workflow. Company-wide or room-by-room, decide which rooms need more privacy, check-in requirements, or impromptu meetings.

You can also
  • Set smart work hours: Display screens dim during hours no one is around.
  • Lock down the display: Keep the app on screen and prevent unintended use.
  • Integrate with MDM: Provision and update hundreds of devices at once.
Robin dashboard device statuses where administrators can
          monitor room display status, wifi connectivity, battery, and network

Monitor your fleet of room displays.

We make it easy to pinpoint any problems with system status reports on wifi connectivity, battery, and network information.

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