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Streamline the entire workplace experience

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Desk booking

Simplify the desk-booking process for employees, enable connection.

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Room scheduling

Book meeting spaces in advance or grab a room on-the-go.

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Workplace analytics

Let data drive your decisions and create a workplace teams actually use.

FOR People Teams

Engage and empower your teams with hybrid work

Create vibrant workplace communities and keep your people engaged with the right workplace experience platform.

Provide visibility into who’s in-office, digital signage for wayfinding, QR codes for desk check-in and weekly rosters.

Listen and learn from employee feedback

Prompt people to submit feedback, report broken resources and take action on employee feedback.

Effectively engage and retain your teams

Access insightful workplace analytics, make data-driven decisions and create spaces tailored to your people’s needs.

hybrid work policy robin mobile ui
Robin Lotus mobile ui desktop
Robin Lotus mobile ui desktop

Manage your hybrid workforce

Set and measure your in-office policies

Clearly communicate your in-office work policies, and let employees track their own progress – right where they’re already planning their workweeks.

  1. Set office visit policies and display them on both desktop and mobile

  2. Ensure employees know what’s expected of them - no more guessing

  3. Give teams the visibility they need to manage their own office usage


Technology that connects people and places

Successful, sustainable hybrid work requires two fundamental elements: agile technology and people-centric expertise. Robin is the only partner and platform who blends both.

  1. Create the foundational infrastructure for effective flexible work

  2. Maximize productivity with a platform that handles everything from hot desking to room booking

  3. Prioritize employee experience with a user-friendly platform designed for frictionless workplace experiences

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a woman discussing a project with her hybrid team
a team leader talking with her friends in the office
a remote working video conferencing with colleagues


Connect people, places, and platforms

Integrate with the tools that you love and the apps your teams know for a frictionless workplace experience.

Microsoft 365

Assign standard user permissions in Microsoft 365 for setup and Robin admin access.

Microsoft Teams

Notify teams of office availability, activity and resources. Locate and book rooms from Teams.

Google Workspace

Set up Single Sign-on for Robin using Google Workspace.


See what’s free, who’s in and notify teams with relevant information or events inside Slack.


Embrace hybrid work, ditch the guesswork

Design a workplace that empowers your team to do what they do best. Prioritize employee experience with a user-friendly platform designed for frictionless workplace experiences.

  1. Design a better, more engaging workplace with data

  2. Gain insight into foot traffic and how to optimize your spaces

  3. Get alerts when equipment breaks and enable employee feedback


The trusted software for great office experiences

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Frequently Asked

What is hybrid work?

Hybrid work refers to a work arrangement that combines elements of remote work and in-office work. In a hybrid work model, employees have the flexibility to split their time between working from a physical office location and working remotely, often from home or other off-site locations.

What are the different types of hybrid work schedules?

There are a range of different ways you can structure hybrid work schedules for your teams. Here are a few of the most common options:

  • Office-centric hybrid work: In this model, employees are expected to work primarily on-site but have the flexibility to work remotely on occasion.
  • Remote-first hybrid model: The expectation for this schedule is that most employees will work off-site but there is the option to head into the office.
  • Flexible hybrid work: In this set up, employees get to choose when they work from home and when they work in-person.
  • Fixed hybrid model: This setup is when a company defines the structure of the hybrid work model, ie: everyone comes in Tuesday - Wednesday. 
What hybrid work software features do I need?

To effectively manage flexible work at your organization, you’ll need to have a few key tools in your corner. When looking for hybrid work software, you’ll want to find a solution that offers things like desk booking, meeting room scheduling, visitor management and workplace analytics.


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