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Since 1971, Crestron has led the charge in technological innovation. From customized luxury smart home automation to scalable out-of-the-box collaborative and scheduling hardware, they offer program solutions including control systems, audio and video distribution, building and enterprise management systems, and much more.

As an official Robin partner, meeting management is a whole lot better with the pairing of Crestron’s premium room devices and our workplace scheduling software. Workplace leaders can rely on Crestron’s durable enterprise-ready devices that are available in kiosk mode and come preloaded with Robin to plug and play. Meeting attendees can effortlessly tap to check in to rooms using user-friendly displays and build trust with a Google or Outlook add-on scheduling platform that syncs fast and accurately.

With Crestron’s LED room availability sign, companies can add extra visibility throughout the office making it easy for everyone to know what spaces are available from afar. With a system synced by the second to what’s actually happening in the meeting room, no one wastes timing wandering around the workplace looking for a place to meet.

Specifically, Crestron’s TSS 7 and 10 devices are a great room display option for large companies looking for sleek, enterprise-ready hardware. Powered by PoE, Crestron runs meeting room software to make sure the end-user experience is premium across both the software and hardware solutions.

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