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Terms you need to know: Workplace technology

Workplace technology is a network of connected resources that create a collaborative environment for employees. Here are some key terms to familiarize yourself with.



Acronym commonly used to refer to “audio/visual” technology.  AV technology is typically used in an office for video/phone conferencing technology, a sound system or displays used through the office.


CRETech can stand for either corporate real estate or commercial real estate.  Corporate real estate technology are the digital tools a company uses to efficiently run its facilities and the spaces within those buildings.  Commercial real estate technology is a broader term referring to the digital tools and startups disrupting the CRE landscape from FinTech to space planning tools. CREtech is often used synonymously with PropTech though PropTech refers to both commercial and residential technology.

Digital workplace

The digital workplace is made up of all the digital tools a company uses to support their employees' engagement and productivity, ranging from collaborative tools like Slack to video conferencing software to power connections with remote colleagues.

Digital workspace

Collaborative, cloud based tools where teams can work together remotely and/or asynchronously. Examples include Slack, video conferencing, Google Docs, etc.

Integrated Workplace Management Software (IWMS)

Software that helps facility managers optimize the use of workplace resources, including the management of a company's real estate portfolio, infrastructure and facilities assets.

Interactive maps

A map, often hosted on a kiosk display or in a mobile app, where employees can see an entire floor or office at a glance. From an interactive map, employees can find and book available meeting spaces and desks. 


A display typically placed in the entrance to an office, at elevator bays or in a lobby area that contains vital information. A kiosk can display an office map with wayfinding directions or include a real-time schedule of events occurring in the office throughout the day.

Meeting room scheduling software

A tool that makes finding and booking the best space for a particular meeting a seamless task. Meeting room scheduling software enables activity-based work and helps organizations monitor room usage to continually optimize room utilization.


PropTech is an emerging field and can refer to the rise of startups focused on disrupting the real estate industry. PropTech is often confused with CREtech though the two aren't synonymous. CREtech focuses on tools affecting the commercial or corporate real estate industry while PropTech is broader, referring to both commercial and residential fields.

Room display

A touch screen mounted on the exterior wall or window of a conference room or related office space. The display typically shows the room name, availability, schedule, and could allow booking instantly at the door. Some tablet displays have the ability to report issues with the room or require check-ins to reduce no-show meetings.


Sensor technology is used to measure occupancy and utilization in an office. There are multiple types of sensors but generally they can be used to measure presence or count people. Sensors are used to give facilities management professionals a better understanding of how space is used in their entire office.

Status board

A real-time view of the daily schedule for an office or floor. Perfect for high traffic and centralized areas, employees can see what rooms are available with a glance.