Managing and implementing change for a flexible workplace

Managing and implementing change for a flexible workplace

In the wake of the COVID-19, flexibility in the office will be more important than ever. In this guide, we cover implementation details from change management to what type of technology you’ll need to support a flexible workplace.

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Who should take point on implementing flexible work?

From the C-Suite to the average employee, it’s important to have buy in and clear communication channels from the start of your flexible work project. What combination of internal and external stakeholders will help drive the transition forward in your organization?

A huge part of managing change in the workplace is setting expectations with your people. In this guide, we cover how to develop consistent communication channels, straight-forward flexible work policies, and train employees on how to interact with their flexible work environment.

How do you outfit an office for flexible work?

Without the right support systems in place, any transition to flexible working will be hard to get off the ground. Beyond training and communication materials, implementing the right technology, furniture, and other physical resources is essential when it comes to managing change flexible work.

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