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Empower people to schedule the perfect space for their meeting

Robin Spaces helps everyone instantly find the right available space, book it with confidence, and know exactly where it’s located.

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Put the focus on having a great meeting, not where it will happen

Logistics shouldn’t get in the way of productivity. We’ve designed Robin to help match people to the right space at the best time so no one has to worry about digging through everyone's calendar.

Works with Outlook and Google

With calendar plugins, employees don’t have to change how they work. Get space recommendations for meetings based on room size, location, and resources in the same calendar app your company uses today.

Adds visibility into what’s available

70% of people rarely book meetings in advance but still need a way to connect on the fly. Robin automatically surfaces available spaces using interactive kiosks and rooms displays so no one wastes time circling the office.

Recycles unused space

One in four meetings get abandoned. Instead of rooms sitting empty when no one checks in via room displays, Robin removes the event from the calendar and frees up the space to the rest of the company.

“We needed something that would support us as we grew and stop the fierce arm-wrestling competitions to win a meeting room slot.”

Jeremy Redburn, Cofounder and VP of Product at Salsify

Learn how your office can better support your team

Plan your next office expansion, or get more from the space you already have with workplace analytics that tell you what activities are hard to do and what is under or over-supported in the office.

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See your office, powered by Robin

We'll show you how Robin's space scheduling software can help, share success stories, and how to get started.

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