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Employee Perks in a Hybrid Workplace

Hybrid Workplace
Becky Chariton
Published on

The workplace is no longer confined to an office space. People are making work happen wherever they are, whether they’re at home, a local coffee shop, or anywhere in between. 

The tools your team needs to succeed have also changed during the shift to hybrid. If people are making work happen wherever they are, then you need to support them wherever they are too.

We surveyed 500+ employees to learn how their views on company perks evolved since 2020. These insights can help you embrace hybrid work and better engage your employees.

Workplace Perks, Where Did They Go?

Perks remain important to employees. 85% of our employee respondents feel that perks are as important or more important to them now than before the pandemic started in 2020. But despite the popularity of perks, 23% of employees surveyed said none of their pre-pandemic perks remained.

Social gatherings (31%), work from home days (30%), and free food/snacks in the office (28%) were among the most common perks offered pre-pandemic. While work from home days have remained, many companies have gotten rid of the other two and have yet to replace them.

Workplace perks offered pre-pandemic

Just because employee priorities have shifted, doesn’t mean you have to throw away perks altogether. It just means it’s time for your employee perks to evolve and meet the new needs of your hybrid workers.

Hybrid Workplaces: One size doesn’t fit all

The top 3 perks employees wish their employers would introduce are additional time off (43%), an internet stipend (31%), and a wellness stipend (30%). Hybrid work comes with flexibility and work life balance, and people aren’t ready to give that up.

Workplace perks employees want

Your perks should reflect your desire to support productivity and enhance the employee experience. Show your employees you care by providing them with perks that include benefits at home and in the office.

A monthly hybrid stipend can help your employees feel comfortable transitioning to hybrid. They can use it for their commute, new technology, or their internet bill. Rather than thinking about one size fits all, think about choice. 

Not all of your employees can access free food in the office, but a weekly lunch stipend through Doordash can guarantee employees get lunch whether they're at home or in person. You can still make sure your employees get what they need, even if they aren’t all in the same place.

Improve the Employee Experience

The future of work is constantly changing. The best thing you can do to keep up is listen to your employees and adjust based on their feedback. 

Improving the employee experience will only do good for your company. Build trust by proving you’re listening to what your employees are saying, and they’ll respond with increased productivity and morale.

For more insights into workplace perks read our full report here, or check out our on-demand webinar .

If you need help managing your hybrid workplace or gaining insights from your workplace, schedule a demo with one of our reps today.

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